Join a tribe of people like you, who want to take their speaking to the next level with the resources and support from your peers!

You’ll learn:
  •  2 x per month 90 min group coaching
  • Admission to all of our Speakers Playhouse Live & Entrepreneur’s Speaker Retreat events
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • 1 virtual summit stage per quarter (deposit waived)
  • Leads and connections to stages
Want to Own Your Own Stages and Take Your Speaking Up to 11?
Upgrade to the Elite Stage Owner Mastermind package will all the above and below!
  • Includes a Done with You Summit to build ultimate authority
  • Includes access to the Beta program of Effortless Events & Retreats with Gini 6 week program
    • Learn the ins and outs of creating live events
    • How to negotiate with venues and hotels
    • How to create winning partnerships for events
    • Risk Mitigation

A lot of our tribe members were having struggles with knowing what steps to take next. Knowing how to handle issues as they come up. Do you want somebody to walk with you as you walk down this path toward being a speaker? Whether you are a paid speaker, an authority speaker, a speak-to-sell speaker, you need rehearsal stages. You need practice. You need feedback. You need a community around you that is supportive that will give you what you need in order to get to where you wanna go. Gini and Kimberly have created a program for you that solves all of these problems.

We are creating a mastermind that meets twice monthly. The mastermind is a supportive community of other speakers. People who are on the same journey you are on.People who are excited about the potential of using their voice to make changes in the world. This mastermind is designed for people like you. People like us. People who are wanting to make a change in the world but want a community to support them. Who want mentors who understand what the challenges are. Not only will you be part of this community, you’ll get access to all the resources you’ll need along your path.

Gini Trask | Business Innovation Catalyst

Gini Trask was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She graduated with a BA in Theater from the University of Northern Colorado. By the time she started college, Gini was already an entrepreneur. After college, she launched into a partnership with her mother in a Bus Charter business that expanded to a multimillion-dollar enterprise. With years of experience operating and growing companies to multimillion-dollar revenue generators, Gini started her own company, Top Tier Travel, which has since become yet another multimillion-dollar success, creating one-of-a-kind incentives and experiences for tens of thousands of travelers in the corporate and network marketing space.

Throughout her professional life, Gini has been sought after for her ability to find solutions and facilitate outcomes as if by magic. Her attraction to running businesses in the travel, hospitality, and retail space creates an easy win for her corporate and network marketing clients. Gini’s turning point came when she realized her solutions-oriented approach was bigger than her small sphere of companies and clients. Every business owner and entrepreneur should understand how to create solutions that go beyond compromise. Gini set out to bring her methods for “Solving Problems Forward” and “Creating a WIN WIN WIN” to the world at large.

Gini Trask now travels the world as a speaker and consultant, helping companies and individuals to go beyond compromise to creating solutions that truly make everyone feel that they have “won”. She teaches the understanding of core needs, solving problems “forward”, and the superpowers that can transform any issue into an opportunity to WIN.

Kimberly Crowe | The Connection Expert

Kimberly Crowe is the founder of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel and co-founder of Speakers Playhouse.  Her passion is to get entrepreneurs and speakers seen and heard in a bigger way by getting them connected with the stages, the people and the opportunities they need to massively grow their revenue and reach.  From virtual to in-person stages, live stages, podcasts, web summits, webinars, Facebook Live, YouTube shows and TV there are shows and stages with audiences that need your message.  Because if you aren’t being seen, you’re being overlooked!  Let’s get you connected and out on stages so that you can get your message out and stop being overlooked!

Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel, is an active community of entrepreneurs looking to connect, contribute, and grow with other entrepreneurs.

Speakers Playhouse is a gathering of speakers and stage hosts – having fun and sharing their passions.  Come meet with us weekly and join the fun!

Kimberly is an award-winning international inspirational public speaker, six-time entrepreneur, best-selling author and audio book producer, and a joint venture master connector. Her superpower is turning dreams into reality.

Kimberly is also the mother of two and an adventure seeker, who has hiked sections of the Pacific Crest Trail, navigated Class IV rapids with one of Costa Rica’s female Olympic medal-winning whitewater champions, sailed down the coast of Mexico on a 42-foot Yankee Clipper, and traversed 200 miles on horseback through Canada’s Jasper National Park.  Her motto is “live life out loud”


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