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Monthly Topics Will Include:
  • Network effectively with your peers.
  • Brainstorm with peers to help solve issues and concerns in your business.
  • Build upon your business’s goals.

A different kind of networking! This mastermind virtual networking event creates a structured networking environment so you can learn, brainstorm, and grow your business.

Gini Trask – The Solutions Catalyst Speaker

Gini Trask was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She graduated with a BA in Theater from the University of Northern Colorado. By the time she started college, Gini was already an entrepreneur. After college, she launched into a partnership with her mother in a Bus Charter business that expanded to a multimillion-dollar enterprise. With years of experience operating and growing companies to multimillion-dollar revenue generators, Gini started her own company, Top Tier Travel, which has since become yet another multimillion-dollar success, creating one-of-a-kind incentives and experiences for tens of thousands of travelers in the corporate and network marketing space.

Throughout her professional life, Gini has been sought after for her ability to find solutions and facilitate outcomes as if by magic. Her attraction to running businesses in the travel, hospitality, and retail space creates an easy win for her corporate and network marketing clients. Gini’s turning point came when she realized her solutions-oriented approach was bigger than her small sphere of companies and clients. Every business owner and entrepreneur should understand how to create solutions that go beyond compromise. Gini set out to bring her methods for “Solving Problems Forward” and “Creating a WIN WIN WIN” to the world at large.

Gini Trask now travels the world as a speaker and consultant, helping companies and individuals to go beyond compromise to creating solutions that truly make everyone feel that they have “won”. She teaches the understanding of core needs, solving problems “forward”, and the superpowers that can transform any issue into an opportunity to WIN.


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Gini Trask

Virginia “Gini” Trask is an international motivational speaker, Master Business Coach and entrepreneur. Gini started in the travel industry just after college over 15 years ago. Being from a family of entrepreneurs, she started her first business at a very young age. Through her travel management company, Top Tier Travel, Gini has curated events around the world including the Summer and Winter Olympics, World Cup, Super Bowl, Daytona 500, Final Four and The Masters. Starting from her experience in the travel industry, Gini created the Beach Boss System for Retreats Made Easy, a method for creating and utilizing plug and play solutions to help fortune 500 companies and small businesses identify and maximize ways to connect and retain customers, as well as employees through experiences.